Monday, April 18, 2011

birth[day] announcement

I haven’t been to the print studio as much as I’d like to be lately. Days get busy and fly by. 
I had an afternoon free last Saturday, so I needed to go to the studio. My husband’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make him a card. We like to make each other cards and I thought that I could print him up a card. When I got my hands on the wood type, my image was getting bigger than I planned. Hmm... I’ll make him a poster instead!
This poster was really fun to design. A majority of it is with wood type, but there is some metal type in there, too. At first I printed it on white cardstock – boring! I found this leatherette cardstock in bright golden rod – perfect! The poster measures out to be 7” x 12”. I may make a poster similar to this for my nephew’s second birthday next month.

If anyone has an announcement or something that they’d like me to print up to share with your friends and family, let me know! Leave a comment or e-mail me at .