Saturday, June 18, 2011

down on the farm

     Since the middle of April, I have been working on an organic CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable farm-  Mud Creek Farm to be exact. Because of the rainy Spring we had, our season was delayed about a month. We usually do a lot of seeding in the greenhouse and then transplant them to the field, so needless to say, our greenhouse was packed with thousands of baby plants dying to be planted.
    There is a crew of seven of us (a head farmer, assistant farmer, and five interns), plus work traders and volunteers.
We had our first share distribution this week. It was so rewarding to see the shareholders' smiles when they saw all that was offered to them.


Bok choi

One of the four varieties of kale we grow


The greens table which offers: arugula, tat soi, mizuna, golden frill mustard, red mustard, swiss chard, red and green curly kale, red Russian kale and dinosaur kale. 

     Some things that I've learned so far: how to irrigate using manifolds and drip tape,  how to cultivate using a Farmall Cub tractor, and how to set a groundhog trap amongst other tasks that working on a farm entails. 
     I hope that you all embrace what the season has to offer! Here's to a great growing season!