Saturday, September 24, 2011

sorry Dunkin

Every Autumn, I can't wait for Robb's cider and doughnuts. I don't know what it is about the combination, but the crisp taste of the cider mixed with the sweet sugary doughnut is heaven. The past few years I've made it a point to make the tasty treats myself and I think it's a must!
For my first batch of the season, I opted for the raised doughnuts as opposed to cake doughnuts. Both are fried, but the raised variety uses yeast and takes a few hours more. (I like the taste and texture better.)

First, I warmed up the kitchen by making chocolate chip cookies & waited for the dough to rise.
Everyone waiting to be fried.

It smelled like the fair in the kitchen; it was great.
Even the little guys were fried up.
I used paper bags to help soak up the extra oil.
Some were thrown in a bag with cinnamon & sugar.
...and some were dipped in glaze. 
I think part of my reasoning in wanting to make the doughnuts from scratch is that I don't feel as bad eating them. I did all the mixing, kneading, cutting and frying. I worked for them. I earned a doughnut hole or two... or three.
*I recommend making the doughnuts at a family or friend's house because if you say they can have some, they may volunteer to do the dishes.
Happy Autumn & happy baking!