Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Owl keep you warm

For Christmas, I made several handmade presents. I figured, the more I make, the less I have to buy. One of the presents I made was a crocheted owl hat. (My mother-in-law found the pattern online and it is so fast to hook up!) Unfortunately, the hat I made for my nephew, Eli, was too small... so when I got home I made one a size bigger. It will look great with his navy and red winter coat.
When I showed the owl hat to one of my sisters she said, "Oh my goodness! This is adorable can you make one for my baby?" So I hooked up another hat using pinks and browns.
The pink hat I made for a friend who has a little girl. She had seen a similar hat that I had made for a friend. (I also made a similar hat for my niece, Anna, when she was born.)
Altogether, I hope these hats keep some cute kids nice and cozy this winter!

For Christmas, my friend Wendy had labels made for me- "Crocheted by Colleen McCray." Now everything I make will have a cute label telling that it's an original. <3