Saturday, January 23, 2016

cookies & cards

He loved cookies
& he loved playing cards.
Thinking of Grandpa. <3

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

making our house homey

The past few months, my husband and I have been making our house homey. Our ranch style house was built in the 50s and some things are just as they were from the beginning. Most projects have been low cost i.e. painting, switching out light fixtures. Some projects are going to be major renovations i.e. kitchen and bathroom.

In the kitchen, I painted the ceiling and walls. Last week, I made some valances for the windows. (I don't have a before picture, but there used to be large wooden valances over the windows.) After looking at a few stores, we realized two things: a.) valances aren't real popular because there weren't a lot of styles to choose from and b.) valances are expensive! When we returned home, sans valances, I remembered a bag of curtain remnants I had! The fabric was a tan cotton, nothing special, but would definitely do the job.

I scoured pinterest to find ideas for the valances. I did an inverted box pleat, but I didn't like how it looked, so I scratched that design. I opted for a straight curtain valance and added gathers.

We have also started hanging up artwork. If there's only one thing a college art major can do, it's have something to put on the walls. Yes, that may be a low blow, but for this former art student, it holds true. I may not have a high paying job, but I have colorful walls with pretty things to look at.

I also made a curtain for over our farmhouse sink.
 I love our sink; it is huge. I also like that I can look out at the barn.

What do you like about your house that makes it homey? <3

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A very Barry Christmas

Last week, my husband and I drove up to my parents' house for Christmas. With three older sisters and families of their own, it is always a special time when we are able to get together.

I finished up Christmas presents right up to the very last day. I had a take pictures quick before I wrapped them for the trip. I made a Lego pouch, an Elsa crown with braid and an Amish puzzle ball. (I made another puzzle ball on the drive up, so that was after these pictures were taken. Amazingly, that little bugger took me about three hours to do! Yes, I was still getting the gist of it, but still...)

My other nephew, even though I made him the Minion hat, was sad that he didn't have a Lego pouch like his older cousin, so I will be making one for him, too.

The Lego pouch was a pattern from by Liat Cohen, under the name "Lego Wallets." I made the large Lego and hand stitched the zipper.
The Amish puzzle ball was a pattern from I crocheted the Mini Puzzle Ball.
The Elsa crown was a pattern from My braid wasn't as long, and I did a fish tail braid instead of a regular three strand braid.

As soon as my two niece's opened up their gifts, they immediately put on the hat and crown.
It was a fun time of playing, tickling, movie watching and cookie eating.
I am so blessed with the family I have been given.
My heart is full.