Thursday, June 23, 2016

Where have you been?

I have the voice of Ronald Weasley's mother's thick English accent in my head asking me, "Where have you been?"

That is a great question. This thing called Summer happened and so staying indoors to write up a post has been on the bottom of my to-do list.

School is out; thank you, Lord, for vacation. As soon as school was done, I started prepping for our church's vacation Bible school. It was a fun and crazy week.

My husband and I got our garden in and every chance I get, I'm weeding. It is virtually weed free and looks gorgeous. (OK, by looking at the pictures, there are weeds, but not that many.) The past three days, in particular, I have been outside weeding the entire day. Sadly, my favorite garden gloves have bit the dust and since I bought them at Tractor Supply two years ago on clearance, I'm kind of doubting I'll find a replacement. (I wear a size small and those are hard to come by. Maybe I should just give in and buy the Mickey Mouse pair for kids.)
Most of the weeding is done by hand and my knees and shins will be black and blue all Summer. I think we should name our garden either "The Stoneyard" or "The Rock Garden" because we have a lot or rocks. I think the first question I'll ask God when I get to Heaven will be, "Why didn't you give us any cushioning on our knees?" I also like to use our stirrup hoe and rickety old wheel hoe cultivator. The stirrup hoe is from Johnny's. It's good for breaking up the top layer of soil and getting the weeds. Our rickety old wheel hoe is probably better suited for a lawn decoration. The handles are all rough and the wheel doesn't go straight. As soon as you hit a rock, you're in danger of going into the row of whatever you're trying to cultivate around. It has been some what of a torture device for my arms and shoulders. Whenever my husband uses it, it makes me laugh because it goes all over the place. I'm glad I can't see myself using it because I'm sure I look ridiculous.

 Kales, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages and Brussels sprouts
Rainbow chard

Zukes and yellow squash alongside celery

Potatoes in the front, beans (snap & dry) in the back

Tomatoes all mulched and trellised

After much patience (and prayer) my husband started renovating our bathroom! This is the room that I wanted fixed up so bad! When we moved into our house, my husband's Grandma was living here still and I was taking care of her. She had recently broken her hip and was limited in mobility. The bathroom situation did not help. It is said that when my husband's Grandpa designed the house, he planned everything the way he wanted it and with the space that was left, he made a bathroom. It is minute, people. Only thirteen measly inches between the tub and the vanity.
It came to a point where Grandma could no longer access the bathroom when she began to use a wheelchair most of the time. The tipping point for me came a while ago, when the occupational therapist came to help Grandma. The therapist's goal was the get Grandma to be able to get in and use the shower (via a shower chair). I told the lady that this was not going to work. The bathroom was just too small. She was persistent and I did what she wanted me to. We helped guide Grandma into the bathroom and she sat down on the shower chair. As we helped get Grandma's leg over the side of the tub, her foot barely brushed the edge of the shower wall, taking down two powdery pink tiles. Other than the size of the bathroom, the tiles have been hanging on by very loose grout. The therapist's eyes were huge and stared at the tiles that now were in the tub. She looked at me and said, "OK, I think we're done. I don't think this is possible." I was secretly happy that she finally believed me, but also extremely embarrassed as to the condition of our bathroom.
Our bathroom is down to the bones right now. The renovation involves moving the toilet and sink to be more efficient with the small space we have. The toilet has been moved and we haven't done anything with the shower (because we still want to use it.) Sink in the bathroom? That has become a novelty; we use the kitchen sink. With my husband working full time, he can only work on the bathroom after work and on weekends. In a week, we're having some of his college friends over. (And our guest room currently has all of our bathroom things in it... I hope they all like camping in our yard.)



A new & functioning toilet!
(We have another wax ring to reset the toilet when we are ready to tile.)

Life can get busy and sometimes it isn't ideal, but we need to make do or do without. I'm still very thankful for a functioning shower and toilet. Someday we'll have a pretty bathroom with bead board on the walls and black and white hex tile on the floor. I can wait. Shoot, I've already waited three years, what's another few months?  <3