Tuesday, October 25, 2016

where we are now

My favorite time of year is upon us.
It's time to wear cozy sweaters, drink hot apple cider and watch the leaves change.

The garden is slowing down and we are thankful.
We are thankful for the bounty that we've been blessed with and now for rest!

There have been projects that I've wanted to start, but I've had to resist. Wintertime is for such long awaited projects.

It's a time to recharge our batteries and slowly begin to like tomatoes again (after being sick of canning them).

It's a time to turn on the oven and heat up the house with baking bread.

All of these things I look forward to.

Looking forward to something is great and gets us excited for the future, but I can't forget to stop to look at where we are now.

Right now, there are parsnips and carrots still in the ground waiting to be dug.

Right now, the Buffalo Bills are holding onto a winning record (??!)

Right now, we have a quiet house and a handsome cat to keep us company.

Right now, I spend my days off baking confections and learning new things to do with my hair.

Right now, I won't admit how many times I press snooze before I finally get up.

And right now, our family is growing.

It's still sinking in. A little life is growing inside of me. Just a few days shy of entering the second trimester, it is still hard to believe.

We have told our family, friends, church family, the world (via facebook) and it gets more and more exciting. We are so grateful for all the well wishes and prayers. We know that this is truly a blessing and a gift.

What happens now?

My husband continues remodeling our bathroom [hopefully, finishing soon]!

I need to turn my craft room into a nursery. (This is going to be a tough one!)

We need to move our bedroom down the hall to the larger, former guestroom.

T-minus six months. Ready or not... baby is coming! <3