Saturday, November 5, 2016

a pretty great day in November

Saturdays off from work have been relaxing and filled with hour long tasks and cuddling with Alfie, the cat.

Today has been another such a day.

I awoke sans alarm with pancakes on the griddle and coffee already made.

I read the books we were given from friends, Robin and Ludie, to you (and to Alfie, who hopped up on my lap.)

I took a picture with you today for the first time. You're starting the show, since you're already three months along.

I did the laundry. It was only three loads and I'm confident I'll have it all folded and put away before dinner.

Every year I make donuts and I finally had the time to do it today. I have been wanting donuts a lot lately, so I thought that would make you happy, too. I used a different recipe, which used mashed potatoes and yeast. They took all morning and rose three different times before I could fry them up. (You're Dad said they were perfect.)

With the extra scraps, I made cinnamon rolls, too.

It's been a beautiful, sunny day, for the beginning of November. We're going to go for a walk in the woods in a little bit, one of the first things your Dad and I ever did together when we were in college before we started dating.

With all the sugar you've gotten from the donuts and the warm Fall sunshine, I'm sure you're having a pretty great day, too. <3