Monday, March 27, 2017

Celebrating you

Last week, we celebrated you.

It was an absolutely beautiful baby shower. It took a lot of planning and work, and it was all for you. You who we haven't even met yet, but who we already love. The opening prayer for you almost brought me to tears. Knowing that so many will be in your life to help you, nurture you, support you and love you.

The shower was a garden theme, which seems pretty appropriate since you will spend a lot of time in the garden during your first Summer with us. Bunnies and flowers and beautiful linens and Beatrix Potter books all arranged and displayed about.

Prizes for the games
Sharon Troyer made a beautiful ice ring
with flowers made of fruit peels!
I took a quiz to see if we could figure out if you're a boy or a girl, but the results were inconclusive.

The beautiful shower hostesses:
Paula, Marlene, Janet and Autumn
Both sets of your grandparents were there- Grammie, Grampie, and Grandma and Papa from New York. Great Gramma "Moo" was there, too. Your cousin, Lilianna, helped us with opening gifts for you.

You have received SO many gifts! I think you have enough clothes to last you until your first birthday. Boy or girl, I know you will look wonderful in whites, yellows and greens. Many gifts were handmade with you in mind: clothes, blankets, bibs, toys... You also were given books- a library, really! Afterward, your Dad and I went through them all, reading the messages and well wishes people wrote inside. I have already read some of the stories to you, but you will hear many more when you are here, cuddling with us.

A crocheted baby blanket with a little Jonah
that fits inside the whale, by Ruth Trembley

I just put in your first load of laundry this morning. I'm amazed at how many little outfits can fit in the wash at once. I'm looking forward to organizing your dresser and setting up all your little cloth diapers under the changing table.

Your bedroom is almost set up. Every time we open the door, your big, fur-brother, Alfie, runs in and sits by the window. (That's one of his favorite spots to look out from. I hope you two get along.)

I am so thankful to the ladies that hosted the shower for you: Paula, Marlene, Janet and Autumn. I am so thankful to all that were able to come to the shower and I am so thankful for everyone who has been praying with me for you, Little Mack.

Your Dad and I went to Lamaze the other day, to help us get ready for your big debut.

We watched some labor stories and that made your Dad a bit more nervous. I have watched so many already, each one empowering me and reassuring me that I was made to give birth and to endure labor for you. Whatever the circumstances and pain, you will be worth all the sweat and tears.

(Your Dad really wants to play Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss- the theme from 2001: Space Odyssey- as you're crowning... I don't know if I'll be up for that when the time comes.)

34 weeks down maybe 6 to go??!

I haven't been sleeping that great lately. An extra thirty pounds now, with you inside, doesn't make things very comfortable. Alfie naps with me, which is nice, plus, I know that this discomfort is temporary. You will be here soon, cuddling with us and not kicking me in the ribs. Cuddling will be way more comfortable.

I made a list of things we still need and there are some things I still want to make. If they don't get purchased and/or made, I know that we all make do with all that we have been blessed with already.

We will survive.

We will have each other. <3

Friday, March 17, 2017

How did this candy bar get in here?

I was informed by my husband last week that I am starting "to walk like a pregnant lady." Since I am, in fact, pregnant, and he didn't use the word "waddle," I take no offense to his statement.

We've hit the seven month mark and I've gained 25 pounds. It has affected pretty much every aspect of my life.

I don't remember a good night's sleep. Even with my pregnancy pillow, I have to flip over to my other side to get comfortable again. The middle-of-the-night-bathroom-run has also unwelcomingly returned. However, I can nap anytime (and Alfie is such good company).

I have had to go through my clothes again, mostly tops, because my bump is setting new records. My Winter coat is quite snug to zip up now. I am hoping Spring makes its debut soon.

I remember when I first tried on some of my medium sized maternity shirts thinking, "Whoa! These are huge!" Now I can't remember being that little... I feel like it took a while to get from looking like I ate too much to having a baby bump.

I definitely like food still, but am starting to slow down. I fill up so fast. I was rivaling my husband at dinner time, and that was with me having small snacks in between meals.

Two weeks ago, I got another cold and was having horrible coughing fits. My husband suggested he run out and get me a cough suppressant (mama-to-be safe and alcohol free). When he returned, he was opening up the bag and asked me, "How did this candy bar get in here?" Of course, it being a Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream, one of my favorites. This same phenomenon happened today only this time it was a Butterfinger.

I have yet to cry at a sappy t.v. commercial, but pretty much anything else will make me cry. Every time I watch a birthing video and the mama sees her baby for the first time, hearing a song on the radio, anytime someone else cries, watching Sense and Sensibility for the hundredth time, and when I feel dumb after sliding my car into a ditch and having to call for help... all opportunities to start the water works. Don't worry, I just bought waterproof mascara.

Little Mack has been kicking up into my ribs lately, not to the point of painful, but to wake me up or to remind me he/she is in there.

We have almost crossed everything off on the "To-Do-Before-Baby List."

The bathroom is done except some trim work.

We moved our bedroom down the hall to the former guest room.

The craft room is now officially Little Mack's nursery. My husband moved the furniture in and put the crib together.

Where are my craft supplies you ask? Anywhere there is extra space... closets, in the cedar chest in our bedroom, in totes all over the floor in the guest room, under the bed... yeah, there's still work to do... but we have seven more weeks, right?

Seven more weeks?

Oh, gracious.

Next week, our church is throwing a baby shower for us, I have another prenatal appointment, and then we start Lamaze class.

Deep breath in... deep breath out...

I am already blown away by the cards and gifts we have received.

So much love, support and prayers for this little one that we haven't even met yet.

So much preparation and anticipation.

So much to be thankful for. <3