Saturday, April 29, 2017

Am I nesting?

Our little guys in their new home
The past two days, I have gotten a lot done.
My to-do lists have all been crossed off and completed.

I vacuumed the house, mopped floors, baked a pie, washed and hung out laundry, finished projects, washed many dishes, and have had my hospital bag packed for over a week...

Am I nesting?

Is Little Mack soon to arrive?

As of yesterday, I am 39 weeks. All my baby newsletters and apps tell me "Baby is full term"... "Baby is ready to be born!"

I was asked yesterday via my pregnancy app, "Would you like to report a birth and share your story?"

Of course, I would, but Little Mack enjoys where he/she is, so no, thank you. I'll get back to you on that.

I have hit "Mama-mode." I am completely fine with wearing leggings as pants because they are stretchy and comfortable. I used dry shampoo on my hair in lieu of washing it this morning. (Or maybe it's just the "I'm-nine-months-pregnant-and-I'm-ready-for-Baby" mode?)

I feel good. I really do.

Sleep is still hit and miss. At my last appointment, I asked my midwife, "Do you have any advice on getting better sleep?" She responded, "Not being pregnant."


Last night, my husband and I went to our church to get our picture taken for the new directory. To be funny and cover our bases, he had written for How many people? "2-3." When the photographer looked at our form she asked, "There aren't three of you?" Nope. Just two. To be honest, newborns aren't the cutest in pictures, but I was really hoping that there would be three of us. Nope. Just two. I have also been feeling rather large and blah, so I didn't like any of the pictures of me. My husband on the other hand, super handsome and photogenic. We balanced out.

This late in the game, everyone who sees me asks, "Ohh, no Baby yet?" I may use my friend Mary Lou's comeback she told me yesterday, "Why yes, I did have the Baby, but I enjoyed being pregnant so much, I shoved the Baby back in for a little while longer!"

C'mon, people-- all ya'll will know when I have this Baby.

I will be posting waaaay too many pictures on various social media platforms.
How would I be able to keep such exciting and monumental news to myself??

I'm sure there is something I should be doing or buying that I haven't already done, but I am feeling ready. No one is ever really ready, but I feel calm. I'm definitely not ready to be sleep deprived or experience all the fun postpartum recovery I've read about, but I am absolutely ready to meet our Little Mack.

I had another dream Little Mack was a boy.

For real, I am going to be so surprised if Little Mack is a girl... and there's no reason why. I have no idea what Little Mack is. I do know that he/she is what God has planned for us and that is really exciting. <3

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A lot has been happening

I am 37 and a half weeks pregnant, which means I'm having weekly prenatal appointments.

I started taking Evening Primrose Oil to hopefully help with impending labor.

My husband moved our chicken coop out by the garden, so the chickens can scratch and eat the grass.

We set up our very own greenhouse.

We are the caretakers of fifteen baby chicks.

I worked my last day at the thrift store and with my dear friend that I've gotten to know over the last two years.

A lot has been happening.

Change is inevitable.  Nothing will always be the same. We can have our routines and whatnot, but things happen. Plans fall through. People get sick. People are healed. The seasons pass. People have babies. People grow. New jobs are started. Something new begins.

It can be hard to embrace some of these things (especially for a woman who is eight months pregnant). I have been trying to focus on the good and the positive; being thankful in all circumstances.

I am feeling good. It varies day to day, but at the moment I don't feel huge... well, until I look in the mirror, and then I remember, "Oh yeah, you're carrying around another thirty-five pounds... maybe that's why people keep asking how much longer you have."

Right now I'm in limbo.
It's too late to take a nap, but too early to go to bed.

Fatigue is setting in, for sure. I've gotten the nursery ready, but the whole I-need-to-clean-every-inch-of-the-house-nesting-phase? Nope. Definitely not there. Sure, I would like to get some cleaning done before Little Mack arrives, but sitting is just much more enjoyable. No, not just sitting... sitting and eating ice cream is much more enjoyable.

My original due date was April 29th, but then it was moved back after I had my first sonogram. Really, Little Mack could come at any time... which is nuts to think about. I'm sure labor will start in the middle of the night and then I'll be up for thirty-something hours straight.

Last night, my husband was talking to Baby and said to him/her, "You should come on Wednesday."
"You want the Baby born on your birthday?"
"Yeah, wouldn't that be fun?"
"So, I'll go to my prenatal appointment in the morning and then go into labor?"
That would be something, all right.
Little Mack coming into this world will definitely be a change from our routine.
Change can be a good thing. <3 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

a sign of Spring and new life

Maybe it's the hit and miss sleep I've been getting, but I really did not hear my alarm this morning.

I woke up to my husband kissing my forehead before he left for work.

I started taking Mountain Meadow Herb's Gentle Birth Formula last week, which means I'm less than five weeks from Little Mack's arrival date.

I have papers on the dining room table from the Breastfeeding Basics class I went to last night, along with a page of stamps I bought yesterday to send out thank you cards. Under all that is the Easter Flower order spread sheet I made for church.

On the floor by my feet, there is a laundry basket of folded towels, napkins and cloth rags that still need to be put away from two days ago.

The counter is full of dishes that need washed and the dish rack is full of clean dishes that still need to be put away from yesterday.

On a chair next to me is an unopened scrapbook I bought to save and remember things from this pregnancy.

I started a list (on the back of my list from yesterday) of things I would like to do before Little Mack comes, some things being: finish writing thank you cards, organize the guest room, wash/organize cloth diapers, hang curtains in the nursery, sew ring sling...

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all these things.

It would be so easy to stress out and worry whether or not I cross these tasks off my list.

On the table in front of me is a slender, blue vase with three daffodils that my husband found by our spring house and cut for me yesterday, a sign of Spring and new life.

It is really amazing that every pregnancy, labor and delivery is different.

As any first time Momma there are so many unknowns.

I ask Little Mack,
"When are you going to come?"
"Will you be early?"
"Will you be late?"
"Are you positioned in a favorable way for your Momma?"

I will continue to take this all in--

every kick, every nudge, every flutter.

I will continue to take this one day at a time.

My to-do list will get done.
Maybe not today or the next day.

I will continue to count all these as blessings and rest in the peace and comfort that I have.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7