Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My labor & delivery story, Part 2: I don't think he's going to make it in time...

My contractions started up on the drive to Erie and every bump was pretty bad.

My husband said they were going to leave the job site at 3:00, so when I noticed the dashboard clock read 3:05, I wondered if he'd gotten my message. I called him again, leaving another voicemail.

Almost to the office, the nurse I spoke to earlier called me asking where I was. My midwife had been waiting for me. I quickly explained that I couldn't find anyone to take me to the office, so I started driving until my mother-in-law got a hold of me, making me a half hour later than expected. (At this point, we were only five minutes away from the office.)

Before I had left for Erie, I had put on a Depends, (I had bought a package a couple weeks earlier because I had read that other women found them convenient for recovery after labor) but now was completely soaked. I wrapped my towel around my waist and we headed to the office. I didn't care. I was uncomfortable and wet. I told Renee, "I hope I'm more than 2 cm [dilated], I don't want to have to drive all the way home."

When we got upstairs, the receptionist asked if I had an appointment. I said calmly, "My water just broke and Kim wants to check me."
Renee chimed in, "She's in labor!"

We got called back and Kim said, "It's always fun when they come in with a towel wrapped around their waist!"
Renee, again, said, "She's in labor."
But because I sat there quiet and calm, Kim replied, "No, she's not. Look at her. OK, my dear, let's see where we're at." After a minute she said, "You are at 6 cm. You are going to go to the hospital, right up to labor and delivery."

I was shocked. My contractions had been getting worse, but I didn't think I was that far along. Kim then told me they'd do fifteen minutes of fetal monitoring and then she wanted me in the Jacuzzi tub. (I had told Renee on the way to the office that I was bummed that I couldn't use the tub in the room because my water broke.) Kim said it was OK.

As Kim was about to leave the room, Renee said, "Her husband is three hours away!"
Kim replied, "I don't think he's going to make it in time."

Before we headed to the hospital, as customary, I had to check out. I handed the receptionist my paper and parking ticket to be validated. She said, "OK, you saw Kim today and you have an appointment with her tomorrow at ten."
Renee leaned in again and said, "No- she's having a baby today!"

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