Friday, May 19, 2017

My labor & delivery story, Part 4: I thought for sure I was having a boy

My midwife, Kim, said, "Fill up you lungs, hold your breath and push like you've never been so constipated in your life."

I pushed about three times per contraction. Kim said I could push a fourth time or rest. I preferred to rest.

I still felt like I wasn't open enough, but she told me to push. Pressure increased and Kim said, "Give me your right hand. Feel that? That's your baby's head."

I couldn't believe it! I was so close!

After about twenty minutes of pushing, out came the head. One more contraction and out came the body. The body was easier than the head!

The next thing I heard was Renee exclaim, "It's a girl!"
"What?!" I said in disbelief. We hadn't found out what we were having, but I thought for sure I was going to have a boy.

Kim had to unwrap the umbilical cord from around the baby's waist and made a comment about her jumping rope. After a minute, Kim asked Renee to cut the cord.

Next, Kim started pushing on my abdomen, which hurt quite a bit, to help my uterus expel the placenta. I felt a jelly like object come out and Kim held it up proudly. "Look at that! A placenta is one of the most amazing things. You can take it home and use it as fertilizer in your garden or for the tree you're going to plant for the baby."

Kim wiped off the baby, who was on my chest, then kissed my forehead. "You did excellent, my dear! You were born to have babies!" Then she congratulated Renee and gave her a hug. I needed just two stitches, which hurt a bit, and then got cleaned up.

Our baby girl was born at 6:34pm, weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20" long. (About 5 1/2 hours after my water broke!)

Renee was taking pictures with her camera, so I asked her to use my phone, too. She didn't know how to use it, so at first she took some selfies and then little videos of me and the Baby, (I saved the videos because they are fun to watch and remember) then finally, she took some pictures.

Twenty minutes after Baby arrived, my husband walked in the room. He couldn't believe he missed the birth. I remember him saying, "What?? Really?!" When he was told he had a girl. I still remember the smile on his face- it didn't ever go away.

Renee had been undergoing radiation treatment at the time, but had to cancel her appointment for that afternoon because she was with me. She left shortly after her son got there. Later, she told me she was getting shaky because she was really hungry. She hadn't eaten since lunch time and it was almost seven o'clock at night. Renee gave me a hug and kiss and said she was thankful she could see her second granddaughter be born.

Another nurse came in and asked if I wanted to take a shower. I rinsed off and then after a bit of story swapping with my husband, and skin to skin time with our baby girl, we went down to our recovery room on the maternity floor.

It was about 9 o'clock when we got to our room and I was really hungry! It was too late to order room service, so we got sandwiches delivered from Jimmy John's. Because Renee drove me to the hospital, my car was still at my sister-in-law's, and because my labor was so fast, my husband's coworker ended up driving them right to the hospital instead of dropping my husband off to get his truck, so delivery was our only option.

It took us until the next morning to decide on a name.

Our baby girl was named Cecilia Rose. It wasn't the name that I thought I'd pick, but again, I wasn't even expecting a girl.

She is so precious and sweet. We think it fits her perfectly. <3

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